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Egoshipping Central

Egoshipping Central.
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A place for fans of this Pokemon pairing (Gary Oak + Misty Waterflower) to connect!
Two flames flicker at a distance. These flames billow much smoke and steam but neither is truly as grand a fire as they want others to believe. For years these brazen flames have captivated one another from a far . . . until, one day, circumstance finally draws the flames together. Combined, the two flames ignite -- they burn with challenge, they smolder with desire . . . and then the flames blaze with realization. They are the same. They have become one. In this moment their souls are set free and the flames combust into a bonfire of passion. These flames are Gary Oak and Misty Waterflower.

Please tag your entries according to the specifications listed in this post.

Label all your entries with an approriate subject line. You can be as creative you wish, as long as there is some indicator of what your entry is about. (Fanfic? Request? Affiliation? etcetc.)

Please post any particularly large images or chunks of text behind an lj-cut.. A few teasers for icons, 1 fanart sample and banners for AMVs/fanfics are okay.

We welcome affiliations. For details on how you can affiliate with Egoshipping Central, check out the FAQ.

Although this is a shipping community for Gary and Misty as a pair, you may post entries relating to them seperately if you wish. Both of us mods are especially susceptible to pretty Japanese Gary fanart ;)

If you have enjoyed reading or seeing another member's work, tell them! You'd be amazed what one little comment of support or encouragement can do.

If you are a new member, please feel free to introduce yourself to the mods and the rest of the community through our friending meme so we can give you a proper welcome :).

One exception to the rule above: Flamers. I cannot stress this enough-- flaming, bashing, bitching or generally any form of pointless,vicious verbal abuse towards our shipping, other members or anyone's work will NOT be tolerated here.(Constructive critiscm is different). Save the flames (of passion, that is)for those lovely Egoshippy fanfics, mmkay? ;)

Other than that, a warm welcome to Egoshipping Central! Please feel free to look around, and be sure to join if you'd like to be a part of our aweeeeeesome community!


Egoshipping Archive @ Fanfiction.Net. Put it this way-- if you don't find them here, it's very unlikely you'll find them anywhere else. Before this community was formed, this was the main hang-out spot for Egoshippers, and archives nearly all the Egoshippy fics you can find out there in ff.net. Nearly all our members have stories posted up there, so it's definately worth taking a look!


There isn't a lot of Gary/Misty fanart out there :(...but here are a few fansites which showcase them at least seperately in all their glory. If you have any additional links/own gallery to link to, feel free to comment on the FAQ page and I will gladly add it up here!

Lilineko's DeviantArt. Our very own lilineko posts all her lovely drawings here! Her work ranges from illustrations for her Egoshipping fanfics to very ogle-worthy drawings of Gary and all the Pokemon gang... we'll let you look into that yourself ;)

MiyaToriaka's DeviantArt. MiyaToriaka is a German fanartist who makes the most amazing drawings with simple colour pencil-- no CG involved, as far as I know. Although she appears to be primarily a Pokeshipper, she is also keen on drawing AshxGaryxMisty triangles and has created some really cute cartoons of them. She is also working on a doujinshi, 'We Are Only School Students', which is well worth checking out.

Lavender-Ice's DeviantArt This artist draws mostly Palletshipping and Pokeshipping, but she seriously draws the cutest Gary and Misty I've ever seen (though sadly not together, *sob sob*). She has a really cool style and is pretty famous around the Pokemon fanart community.

Dattor This is one of the best PokeArt sites I've come across, even amongst the amazing Japanese ones.It doesn't support a particular shipping, but showcases most of the (later) major characters in a huge variety of media. I've posted some samples here in this community if you can't be bothered to navigate the Japanese.

One of my recent discoveries, this Japanese fanartist draws general Pokemon, but there's quite a lot of Gary and Misty art there (...again, not together though D:)

More to come! If you have any to add, make sure you drop a note on the FAQ page :).


Latias Garden: Latiasfan2004 @ freewebs.com houses a huge collection of the original Japanese RAW anime episodes, as well as all the original Japanese PokeOSTs and theme songs. She updates very regularly too. If you can speak Japanese, or you've just always wanted to hear Gary speak without a horribly headche-inducing nasal voice, this will make your day. There are actually a few fansubs of the raws too actually, just not (except 001 and 468) of any Gary eps D:.


satokasucastle (Satoshi-Kasumi) This beautiful AshxMisty community has everything related to Pokemon's most famous ship! Hopefully this will help bridge the gap between Pokeshippers and Egoshippers once and for all! :)

sato_haru_love (Satoshi-Haruka) A community spotlighting the relationship between Ash and May. If you like Advancedshipping then THIS is your one-stop-shop!

palletshipping (Shigeru-Satoshi) This lovely community was created to satisfy all of your Gary X Ash inklings. They are a HUGE comm. and are jam-packed with fan fics and art. Heck, any ship involving Gary Oak = yummy! Check them out!

pokemondrabbles Like Pokemon drabbles? Like to read 'em? Like to write 'em? You need to visit here!

pokeanime_rate LJ's premier Pokemon stamping community! Always wondered which Pokemon character you're most like? Join here to get assessed by fellow members and find out whether you're a feisty Misty, a nerdy Max, or even a perfect confident Gary, and get yourself a shiny new stamp to show off to the world!

pokefanmix Whooo hooo! This place is fun. A site dedicated to fanmixes, anime music videos, and singing subs ALL about Pokemon!!

Want to be added to our affiliate list? Learn how to do so on our FAQ page


maias_pen Maia is the original creator of this community, and has been an egoshipper for nearly a decade. College student by day and dog trainer by night, she is an active writer on both fanfiction.net and The Pokemon Tower, where she has penned fics such as "Happy Accident", "Right Time", "Vertical Luna", "Saving Shard" and "Watch Your Back".

nikegoddess_ Yoon maintains the design, layout and technicalities of Egoshipping Central. Despite her AS Levels looming ever closer, she regularly succumbs to her fangirl tendencies at ff.net and on LJ. She is teaching herself Japanese in her (self-proclaimed) spare time and has a habit of making every comment/review/email an epic 2342562 word essay. ^.^


Original CSS Codes by minty_peach
Original Profile Layout codes by obeyshi
HUGE coding help from kasumisukimix, thank you!

All code editing and headers made by nikegoddess_

That's it! Have fun, enjoy your time here, and don't hesitate to ask any questions!

Egoshippy Love to all,
nikegoddess_ and maias_pen

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